About Us

The DRD Law Firm is a community of attorneys registered with the Hungarian Bar Association, which provides legal services in various fields of the law, under the direction of the managing member of the Dóczi Tamás Law Firm.

The primary goal of the DRD Law Firm is to satisfy the demands of clients by the founding and associated attorneys, flexibly and in compliance with the professional and ethical standards, while pursuing them within the framework authorized by the Hungarian Bar Association. Our goal is to provide a client-friendly service, in which all of our clients can find the appropriate attorney for a particular problem. The Firm ensures that any further legal assistance will be provided, if necessary.

Beyond the professional service and the personal confidence the client places in the attorney, the question of remuneration plays an equally vital role in the relationship between attorney and client. Therefore, remuneration for our services is always based on the individual requirements of our clients. It is one of our basic principles, however, that we are entitled to a proportional remuneration after the services we render, and, therefore, we set our fee policy on an hourly basis.

Up-to-date knowledge in a frequently-changing legal environment is an indispensable condition of the legal work, therefore, the attorneys practicing in the DRD Law Firm engage in continuous legal education by participating in post graduate and other specialized training, in order to meet the challenges imposed by the continuously evolving legal world. Due to the excellent language skills of our attorneys and employees, we are able to provide advice to our foreign clients during their transactions in Hungary and abroad, which brings them a lot of success.

From the beginning, our primary intention was to satisfy the expanding demand for legal services of businesses. Thus, we formed the organization and staff of the DRD Law Firm accordingly. Due to our constant development, our clientele has also expanded rapidly, and today we are proud to announce that we provide services for freight-forwarding companies, companies dealing with road and rail construction, general, civil and underground construction, health-care provider companies, insurance agencies, hotels, liquidator companies, notary publics, enterprises of local governments and state-owned companies. In the last decade, more and more multinational companies and SMEs have honoured us with their trust.

The DRD Attorney at law has concentrated primarily on the field of civil law, and within that, in the various areas of business and commercial law. Due to our colleagues' professional knowledge and expertise, we represent our clients extensively, particularly in the fields of corporate law, commercial law, property law, customs law, tax law, foreign trade and transportation, litigation and out-of-court representation, arbitration cases, liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings, public procurement law, insurance law and labour law.

The legal assistance for public procurements is a significant area of the DRD Law Firm’s expertise. Several members have professional qualifications as official public procurement advisors, which makes representation of the clients very advantageous in public procurements proceedings in Hungary or cases which exceed the community threshold. We represent clients from the announcement of tender until the completion of the works, including the eventual remedy proceedings, for the contracting authority or the tenderer as well.


Our Services

According to the provisions of Act XI of 1998 on Legal Services, in the scope of our legal activity we represent our clients in litigation and in out-of-court proceedings, offer legal assistance and counseling, draft and countersign contracts and other documents, and carry out all other activities based on the requests of our client which are authorized by the above mentioned Act.

From the date of establishing a customs treaty with the European Union, we have participated in a great number of cases involving customs procedures. We provide efficient professional services in this area, supported by in depth theoretical knowledge as well as experience. In the past, we represented importers of automobiles and companies engaged in trading in other consumer products (such as food products), today we primarily advise companies importing goods from Asia and Northern-Europe.

Having specialized expertise with product-origin rules and product classification, we primaliry focus on providing professional legal services and consultancy in this area of law. In cooperation with Hungary's largest customs agency we provide legal assistance to our clients' importing activity, and we perform the legal background preparation of all customs procedures regulated by the Customs Code as well.

We are familiar with the current corporate tax laws in effect, and we advise clients on tax optimization. Furthermore we provide representation for our clients in proceedings before tax authorities and in remedy proceedings before administrative courts.
Our Firm had, and currently has, a long-standing relationship as permanent legal counsel to one of the leading insurance companies in the region, providing life-, accident-, and property insurance.

Moreover, we are convinced that the best guarantee we can offer to our clients (including insurance providers, insured and aggrieved parties) is that our colleagues are highly-trained and qualified in every aspect of insurance law, particularly property and liability insurance, life and health insurance, as well as social security with special emphasis on cases involving employment relationships.

Our attorneys are dedicated to ensure that clients who wish to engage our services always receive comprehensive information and efficient legal assistance relative to the enforcement of their rights and the assertion of their interest arising from various insurance-related events.
We have acquired extensive experience in the field of health care law by representing several health care provider companies. In that area of law, we primarily represent our clients in helping them to obtain official permits and/or licences, in the course of negotiating and concluding contracts with hospitals in public procurement matters. We also advise our clients on financing issues of the National Health Insurance Fund.

Our specialized experts in this fields:
dr. Tamás Dóczi
Recently, several legislative and other changes affected the field regulating the construction industry. Our colleagues have up-to-date knowledge in the area of construction law, and represent companies, both general contractors and sub-contractors, in private investments as well as state and municipal projects. Our attorneys provide legal advice on the obtaining of permits, investments proceeding involving the fund management function and on the drafting of contracting agreements. Our attorneys represent clients during the preparation period of the project as well as during the performance thereof, including the enforcement of rights under warranties and guarantees.
We regularly draft agreements on domestic and international transport and freight forwarding, issue legal opinions relevant to such contracts and provide representation in proceeding before courts and/or during out-of-court court processes. Our expertise also includes the providing of legal advice and representation in connection with the handling of specialized cargo.
The purpose of business consultation is to help the organization to operate efficiently, profitably and effectively, in compliance with the effective legal requirements. The consultation services relating to the most efficient use and operation of human and financial resources is performed by maintaining continuous contact with the client.

The consultant helps the organization to make business decisions. He/she participates in the identifying of the organizations’ problems and in the determination of tasks required to solve such problems. He/she compiles preparatory documentations to demonstrate the available consequences of the decisions to be made, provides assistance for the organizations to be able to make the appropriate decisions with regard to its characteristics, advises on how to effectively execute such decision, helps making decision to elaborate and apply processes to support financial management and control.

The auditor also provides general information on the economic environment, legislative changes and opportunities, helps in the interpretation of legal rules from accounting, financial and legal aspects affecting the business environment, and participates in drafting of documents ensuring the efficient operation of the organization.
We represent our clients in investment matters related to hotel and property development projects, including real property transactions. We provide legal assistance to companies engaged in real-property investments, from the beginning of the investment to the completion, including the solving of legal problems arising during the warranty or guarantee period.

In the constantly-changing legal environment relating to condominiums, we carry out all the legal work connected to the establishment of condominiums. We provide legal assistance for currently operating condominiums on issues –inter alia - relating to lawful operation, efficient claim management, and even the amendment of the CC&Rs in connection with loft conversion or the establishment of condominium units.

We carry out bank-financed real property transactions combined with exchange of real property, or clearance, in the scope of which we maintain direct contact with banks to obtain optimum solution for our clients.
Currently, the world of cyberspace is one of the most dynamically-developing commercial and informational area, which continuously creates new challenges for the commercial and intermediary companies. At present, in the absence of comprehensive e-commercial regulation, a webshop is used for advertizing, providing services and dispatching parcels at the same time. Several new contractual arrangements have appeared, such as "advert and affiliate" agreements and specific advertisement or agency contracts. In those transactions, the insufficient legislative provisions provide meager support for attorneys who has to develop the legal background of a website, elaborate contractual arrangements for the protection of clients in a creative fashion based on the various requirements of clients. However, the companies operating on the web have to comply with numerous legal requirements. The most important of those legal rules are set out in the Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce services and services related to the information technology. Decree No. 17/1999. (11.5.) on contracts made amongts parties in diverse locations, which is based on the relevant EU Directive, also applies to such transactions. As the legal representative of one of Hungary’s largest transit accommodation agency portals and other enterprises operating on internet, we have comprehensive experience in this field of law.

Our specialized experts in this fields:
The task of audit is to determine whether the Annual Report has been compiled in compliance with the currently effective legal rules. The final result is the independent auditor's report, in which the auditor describes and provides opinion on the organization's financial situation and its operation.

Businesses, budgetary institutions and other organizations must obtain an auditor's report if they are subject to the conditions set out in the legal rules, or the parties may order the services of the auditor even if it is not required by law. Contracts for auditing services may be concluded with independent auditors or audit companies with the required qualifications, experience and membership in the chamber of auditors. An auditor is obligated to carry out its activity in compliance with the requirements set out in legal rules on auditor's activity and in auditing standards.

Other auditing services of auditors include those which are not mandated by law, including, in particular, bookkeeping, the compilation of accounting reports and other financial statements, due diligence of corporate books and records, performing internal control functions and participating in the work of supervisory authorities of the state.
The attorneys of our Firm are experienced in conducting public procurement processes and have supplemented their practical knowledge by acquiring the latest academic background by participating in education programs offered specifically for public procurement consultants. Equipped with the above expertise, our Firm is offering top-quality legal representation in all procedural matters, starting from the date of the issuance of tender notice to the completion of the project. We regularly represent clients in remedial proceedings arising in public procurement processes.
Numerous buildings, entire streets, pharmacies from the last century, furniture of business premises of our capital, Budapest, are subject of protected cultural heritage. In order to ensure compliance with the effective and elaborate legal rules, the issues of proper maintenance, utilization or changes in function require legal consultation, ongoing contact with the National Office of Cultural Heritage. In this field of law, we provide legal assistance in cases concerning historic monuments, proceedings to obtain building permit and remedial proceedings before authorities dealing with monument protection and court proceedings.

Our specialized experts in this fields:
Our Firm represents clients, both employers and employees in the labour field. Significant players of the economic world belong to our clientele, and therefore, we also have experience in the field of collective labour law. Our legal activity in this field includes particularly the drafting of documents on termination of employment (in case of termination with or without cause, or with immediate notice), and the drafting of collective bargaining agreements, issuing legal opinions on this subject, providing legal advice on individual labour cases and the drafting of employment contracts.
Our Firm serves as permanent legal counsel to several major Hungarian corporations, as well as to small and medium companies. Within this framework, we prepare and draft agreements, issue legal opinions on contracts of various sorts to support our clients` business decisions by offering professional legal advice. Our Firm has considerable litigation expertise, gained while representing clients before a variety of courts.
On behalf of the successful bidder, we have recently participated in one of the most significant privatization projects ever undertaken in Hungary. We were involved in the above transaction from the outset, reviewed the documents and conducted the due diligence process. Subsequent to the announcing of the results, we provided legal representation for the foreign investors during investment negotiations and in the course of the execution of the privatization agreement.

Our specialized experts in this fields:
Corporate law and the related financial consultation constitute a substantial part of our practice. We offer a wide range of services in this area, from representing small businesses in matters involving simple corporate changes, to major acquisitions of medium and large international companies, as well as assisting in changes to the corporate structure.
Simultaneously with the growth of the national economy, competition law is becoming a more and more important field. The attorneys of the Law Firm regularly attend domestic and international conferences in order to become acquainted with the practice of the European Union, and thus represent our clients more efficiently. The Office of Economic Competition places great importance on prosecuting antitrust agreements, including any agreement which restricts fair competition. One of the most important activities is the investigation of concerted practices of construction companies having negative impact on public procurement processes. Our Firm has and is currently representing clients in highly-publicized cases brought on antitrust grounds. In addition, we represent clients before the Office of Economic Competition, initiated with regard to merger control and in cases involving abuse of dominant position.


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