dr. Tamás Dóczi
Attorney at law

Dr. Tamás Dóczi received his JD from University of Pécs, Faculty of Law in 1998. After graduation he began to work at a Pécs based law firm and stayed there for a year. He then moved to Budapest and continued his legal carrier at a law firm where he eventually became a partner. In his work he primarily dealt with legal fields related to economic life and operation of enterprises, as well as diverse areas of commercial law, real property law and corporate law. One of Hungary's largest manufacturer enterprise was privatised with his active involvement. Regarding real property law he participated in numerous bank-financed big-volume sales, arable land transactions, foundation of condominiums. In the course of his work he represented Hungarian and foreign companies, as well as private persons in demergers, fusions, conclusion of contracts on transfer of company's share, during which he also carried out the entire due diligence procedure of the target companies. Based on the needs of the clientele of the law firm he represented companies in custom and excise cases that were engaged in commercial and excise activities. Due to his experience acquired in the field of health care he currently performs the legal representation of health care provider companies. He represented state-owned companies and companies of the local governments, in the course of which he carried out the complete performance of public procurement proceedings on behalf of the contracting authority as well. He is a public procurement junior advisor and a public procurement law specialist as well. He provides comprehensive legal representation for construction companies belonging to the permanent clientele of his law firm, thus he has considerable experience in the fields of contracting agreements, litigation and arbitration proceedings related thereto, in the fields of claim enforcement and in liquidation cases. In the last 10 years he was a member of an outstanding and successful law firm - due to its dynamic development dealing with civil law. Today, following the take over of that law firm's clientele and intellectual capacity, he pursues his legal activity alone in the currently operating Dóczi Tamás Law Firm and DRD Attorneys at law managed by him. He is a native Hungarian and speaks English fluently.

  • University of Pécs, Law School vs. Janus Pannonius University, Faculty of Law
Other specialized qualifications:
  • Budapest Business School
  • public procurement junior advisor
  • Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Public Procurement Law Specialist
  • health care law
  • freight forwarding and transportation law
  • real property law
  • public procurement law
  • civil law
  • privatization law
  • corporate law
  • English


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+36-1 354 1867
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