dr. Attila Csetneki
Attorney at law

I received my JD, cum laude, from University of Pécs, Faculty of Law in 2005. In my practice I was working in one of the recognized law firms in Budapest. As a lawyer specialized in real property, I participated inter alia in bank-financed sale and purchase transactions combined with disencumberment, arable land transactions, and foundations of condominiums. Beyond dealing with traditional corporate law issues, I carried out demergers, fusions, and performed entire due diligence procedures related to transfer of company's shares. As the legal representative of one of Hungary's largest accommodation agency portals and other ventures operating on internet, I have experience in the less regulated field of internet law and e-commerce. I have been taking part in lands-acquisitions (expropriations) connecting to priority national investments for years. I have great practical knowledge and experience in the traditional areas of civil law and business law, and in efficient enforcement of claims based on the most diverse types of contracts in litigation or out-of-court proceedings. Besides my legal activity, I am regular guest lecturer at institutes of adult education, and I also have the chance to teach business-, commercial-, tax-, and labour law.

  • University of Pécs, Law School
Other specialized qualifications:
  • University of Pécs, Faculty of Business and Economics, Bsc.
  • Eötvös Loránd University, Law School, postgraduate course for lawyer specializing in tax law
Legal specialization:
  • tax law, insurance law
  • real property and condominium law, expropriation
  • internet law, e-commerce
  • corporate law, transformations
  • legal assistance in litigation, claim enforcement
  • building and construction, cultural heritage protection
  • administrative law


1051 Budapest, Sas Street 1. II./1.
+36-1 354 1867
+36-1 354 1868