dr. Balázs Mayer M.
Attorney at law

Between 2002 and 2007 Dr. Balázs Mayer M. was a legal counsel of Hungarian Customs and Finance Guard Headquarters (Vám- és Pénzügyőrség Országos Parancsnoksága), and represented for the Hungarian Customs and Finance Guard in litigation. In this context he provided representation in principle in administrative and labour proceedings, but he also provided legal assistance in civil litigation (damages,contractual claims). The knowledge of tax rules, and customs and excise rules were indispensable in his practice. As a legal counsel he took part in the reorganization and personnel rationalization affecting thousands of people and executed by Hungarian Customs and Finance Guard in connection with the EU accession. He provided legal aid in the entire process, he was responsible for the harmonization of labour rules and individual and collective measures, maintaining contact with human resourcing, managing labour dispute, and providing representation in litigation of labour and employment law matters arising from the reorganisation. In the course of that process he has become acquainted extensively with the field of labour law, main and departmental rules of individual and collective labour law, labour and employment litigation, as well as judicial practice of labour law. In 2007 he established his own law firm. Since then in his judicial practice first of all labour law, tax law, customs law takes place as well as civil law. Due to this fact he performs legal representation in the individual and also the in the collective labour law, on behalf of employees and employers as well. He deals with law of customs and excise duties as well, and on this fields he developed a close co-operation with the major market players in customs. Among comprehensive legal advice moreover the administrative litigation, the everyday legal practical problems effective assistance are given to clients of the law firm. Lately, the Mayer M. Balázs Law Firm has become a member of a customs law specialised counselling national lawyer’s organization which overalls the “Visegrád Group”, so the Law Firm manages to give legal advice besides solving legal problems in cross-border customs law and freight forwarding law questions as well.

  • University of Pécs, Law School
  • Lawyer specializing in labour law
Legal specialization:
  • tax and customs law
  • freight forwarding and transportation law
  • labour law
  • English


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